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The Back Story

The Jacobson Journal channel is coming to Roku. Experts will tackle topics that are, too often, ignored. Factual, straight talk about issues important to you because you supply the issues. Uncensored and often not politically correct, The Jacobson Journal on Roku will become a conversational cage fight.

Post topic ideas on Facebook or Twitter using #TJJRoku or submit your topic here by clicking "Submit A Report."

What is The Jacobson Journal? It is a opportunity to prove that the cyberpen is indeed mightier than the sword. This website is a place to report injustices that affect you. The information that is reported will become research material for articles that will begin dialogs which will, hopefully, lead to correcting injustices. You can be as anonymous as you care to be. I am only interested in the injustices that you report.

This is a major undertaking that requires eyes and ears all over this country. I ask you to keep me informed about ignored injustices within your community. Let me make this clear, I don't want to hear about embedded tracking devices in hundred dollar bills or about how fluoridated water is killing people. If these are your concerns, there are plenty of other websites on the Internet that will gladly listen to you. is a place to report actual injustices within your community. I choose my articles from these reports.

I would like to take a moment to discuss the content of these articles. As I am only human, I have my own beliefs on a variety of subjects. I never attempt to inject my beliefs into any article but sometimes it happens. My goal is for these articles to be factual exposés of injustices. In order to accomplish this goal, I need your help. I not only invite your criticism, I encourage you to criticize all the articles emanating from this website.

The sole revenue source for The Jacobson Journal is your donations.
Although I am responsible for the writing of every article, there are costs involved in marketing and article research. I've decided to make this
a donation only website because I am not accepting any advertising or contributions from any companies. I would be compromising my ability to be impartial if I accepted any funds from potential subjects of my articles. As a token of my appreciation, every $10 donation receives a led flashlight keychain.

Although anyone will be able to read completed articles, there are privileges for becoming a free member:

1. Members receive drafts of the articles as they are being written (although some of the information within article drafts may be redacted) and are encouraged to critique these article drafts.

2. Members receive copies of the completed article at least one week before that article is released nationally.

3. Members have an opportunity to give a final critique of any article within 24 hours of receiving a copy of the completed article.

4. There is one last and most exciting privilege of membership. If the initial report submitted by a member leads to a published article, that member has the option of having his or her name appear alongside mine in the byline.

I look forward to working with you as we expose injustices. Thank you.

Mark Jacobson

P.S. You can click the "Live Chat" tab, on any page, to hold a secure text chat. You can also talk to me by clicking the "Call Me" button, but you do need to enter a valid phone number.
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